Challengers are inherently bold and brave and always challenge the status quo. At Mediaspot, we love to work with challenger brands, where the underdog mentality inspires us to find ways for our clients to fight above their weight. This philosophy drives us to be the best and has kept us growing with an amazing list of clients. 

See Our Long Term Brand Partners

  • When I was at ESPN, Arthur made our lives miserable. He would have his agency peeps take an actual stopwatch and time the audio intro, outro and even the length the graphics were on-screen. They went through every college football game for the season and developed a formula to ensure they got every bit of added-value that was promised to them. I remember telling Arthur, if I were looking for an agency I’d hire him!!! He is a grinder!
    Jim O'Donnell
    Former Senior Director Multimedia Sales - ESPN
  • Christopher Matthews
    I can't thank Mediaspot enough for stretching our dollars and providing the VALUE ADD we needed to grow our business. The custom sponsorships resulted in real change for my brand. Our research showed an increase in brand awareness from 2-19% in our top 7 Western markets. Thanks, again, absolutely the best!
    Christopher Matthews
    Former Senior Vice President, Brand & Advertising
  • It's the people! All media companies buy media. All media companies have a 'process'. So what it comes down to for me then, is people. And the people at Mediaspot make all the difference. They're seasoned, smart, and really do care. And that makes all the difference when you have to turn on a dime, need to stretch your dollars to make your client look bigger or have some other random (urgent) request. They are one of the good ones.
    Mandi Dossin
    Former Partner, DGWB Advertising
  • As a longtime advertising partner, Mediaspot played an essential role in helping Pacific Life transform from a relatively unknown insurance company to a nationally recognized brand. Mediaspot's level of stewardship is outstanding and this is part of their DNA; it is like a first-class experience in terms of what they return in value.
    Milda Goodman
    AVP Corporate Advertising - Pacific Life
  • Arthur, thank you and your wonderful team at Mediaspot. We always get great results, expert placement and fantastic service, EVERY TIME. I truly value our partnership and appreciate the team taking such good care of us. My sincerest thanks.
    Michael Charach
    SVP Mktg CBS Television